At Swindler & Swindler we do love objects. Books are part of it ­čÖé
With Christmas we putted our hands on new ones and we wanted to share some books about lettering and typography that we have in our library.
If you have somebody in your circle of acquaintances who likes lettering, you can buy him one of our products, or you can buy him a book !

  1. A Visual History of Typefaces 1 & 2

    A Visua -History of typefaces and Graphic Styles
    Those two 360 pages books are full of incredible old signs. Covering pre 20th century to mid 20th century lettering styles, they trace their modern evolution. They include design catalog pages, borders, frames, ornaments, initial letters and so onÔÇŽ

  2. Scripts – Elegant lettering from design’s golden age

    This book is composed by Steven Heller and Louise Fili. Its title is pretty clear about its content : Elegant scripts. What is really interesting in this book is that its organized in five chapters sorted by countries : France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and America. It helps distinguishing the several main styles of 19th century. A good point of this book is its price. For about 20£ you can find a great amount of inspiration.

  3. Shadow Type

    Shadow Type
    This one is also composed by Steven Heller and Louise Fili, on the special subject that are shadow types. inside, you can find pieces of posters, ads, murals, type catalog pages. Shadow type is the same chapter organisation and pretty much the same price as Script. These are part of a larger type collection book, search for it if you want.

  4. Lettering Tips

    Lettering Tips
    Lettering type is a book teaching you bases of lettering art. If you want to begin practicing, you need that one. Period.
    Special plus : Each and every 128 pages of the book is hand made, even textes !

  5. Custom Lettering of the 40’s and 50’s

    Custom Lettering of the 40's and 50's
    Huge book, 574 pages, 5500 examples of hand drawn lettering of 40′ and 50′.
    Best value for the price !!

  6. 4000 Monograms

    4000 Monograms
    One of our last acquisition. From Pepin Press Design Book. The book is not really attractive, but the content is very valuable, especially the first 100 pages.
    Very affordable also.

  7. Designing Type

    Designing Type
    Much more technical, this book really teaching you how to create a hole typeface. From the creation process to serif and sans-serif letters, numbers, ponctuation signs, kerning ans so on … Really complete book.
    NB : the cover is different from french to english version.

  8. Type for Brands

    Types for Brand
    Type for Brands is made by seenk, a Parisian design agency. It is a collection of typeface designed especially for brand communication. It shows every type subtleties that makes it unforgettable.

  9. The 3D Type book

    The 3D Type Book
    On a more artistic approach of type, here is the 3D type book. This one is focused on what you can create with type. It is more contemporary art researches than traditional lettering.

  10. Typism

    Typism gather contemporary letterers works chosen by Dominique Falla. This book is the concrete form of Australian type conferences. We are quite skeptical about this one. On one side you can have really interesting works, and on the other side some shits! But there is one book a year so it is really actual and represent worldwide tendencies.

On the 11th of December we met Letterpress de Paris, one of the last press printer in the country. As we pass though the door, the smell of ink and paper sink into our nose as the sound of machinery into our ears. They are now only three, running the workshop.

Jean Frederic who received us

The brand is produced by an old printers family. Jean Frederic who received us is more working on the commercial part, approaching customers, getting in touch with illustrators, promoting products. Pascal is one of the last printers who learnt 30 years ago how to run these machineries. He know their press like the back of their hands.
It feels like time stopped running here. Everything is hand made in a traditional way. From choosing and mixing ink to adjusting paper to these old and unchanged heidelberg press. Instead of modern equipment they bring this additional soul to prints. hollows in the sheet, print imperfections are part of the process. Even more, they are seek and appreciate.

heidelberg press

The only technological touch brought to this ancient process are the stamps. Traditionally made of lead , they are nowadays made of polymer.
Like every handcraft work, this way of printing is nowadays compromise. That’s why Letterpress de Paris tried different things to renew their work. Several sort of papers, new approach of color, of machine capacity…

But most of all they decided to expose their savoir faire to creatives: illustrators, street artists, graphic designers… From this collaboration result cards on free subject like Christmas cards, congratulation cards, love cards…. This project is a perfect example of cooperation between tradition and creativity.
Letterpress de Paris gave us the opportunity to produce our first new year card. We can’t wait to see the result of our collaboration. Collaboration that will last, for sure.

Until that time, take a look at their wonderful video made by Adeline Moreau.

Molly Woodward is doing an impressive collection work of old typographies and signs she find outside while she travels. Every┬átypography is┬ásorted out by place (Us, France, Italy…) and/or by category (Gold lettering, hand painted, ghost signs…) We really love the work she’s doing and we wanted to share it with you !
Here is a short selection of the many, many images she collected ! Follow the link at the end of the article if you liked it.

carved monogramParis Look Typography
Imprimerie Peltier
Wines and liquors signs
Garage signs
Office gold leaf
Imported and domestic gold signs
pepsi cola billboard

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