We did it. We finish our five certificates for the exhibition Dream On at the Tiny Cafe, Bastille, Paris.
Here is some pictures of the opening night.

Swindler & Swindler @ Dream On
Swindler & Swindler @ Dream On
Swindler & Swindler @ Dream On
Swindler & Swindler @ Dream On

Photos : Quentin Dufour

Go have a look, the exhibition goes until 30th of November.

How everything started… That’s a good question. Lets get back 12 years ago.
All began with friendship more than illustration appealing at first.

Coming from two artistics families, Rémy and I always had interest in graphic design, art productions and illustration .

Separately we took our own path.

  • Rémy directly chose applied art and studied graphic design for three years. He started working as graphic designer right after his studies.
  • On my side I chose history of art then applied art too but in product design. I was preparing my master when he decided to focus his work on lettering as a free lance designer.

In March 2015 , Our own universes met again when for his first exhibition, he asked me if I’d like to do a collaboration with him. As we spent 3 days in a total artistic autism, we realized that our two own styles were perfectly matching together.

Our first project
On one side the rigor of Rémy’s flawless type work. On the other side my personal and unmanageable floral work. Both together they were producing spectacular and balanced black and white illustrations.

Swindler & Swindler wasn’t named yet but the idea of working together appeared in our minds.

6 months later we took the decision and started building the identity of Swindler & Swindler studio. Our manageress idea… Offbeat and caustic humor in sophisticated projects.

And then we started Swindler & Swindler

Our inspiration comes from a mutual adoration for the 19th century engraving art, ancient sign paintings, medieval art…wherever we can find quality, beauty and complexity of hand made work.

The five certificates series is our first project as Mr and Mrs Swindler. The initial idea come from a joke we had together. As the society is trying to sell you pretty much everything why couldn’t we sell unsellable things? What human being could need? What human being is loosing nowadays ? As the project isn’t really tangible we knowingly chosen an old form of transaction: old bills and certificates

Each certificate is entirely made of millions Rotring lines and dots. Plus, to complete this huge amount of work we created stamps that certifies their quality. Every single one took more than a week of work, patience and love.

Hope you will like it as much as we are.

Let’s get back to work.

Take care.

Mrs Swindler.

We are happy to announce you our participation to the exhibition “Dream On”. Surrounded by talented illustrators, such as Charlotte Quillet, Xavier Casalta, Steeven Salva and Théo Jan, every illustration is the result of a fine line, dot work, all with Rotring pen in a black and white style.

We will expose our serie Swindler&Co to this special occasion. For this project we didn’t want to just produce a good looking illustration. Swindler & Swindler like to deliver a message within it’s works. As we love old bills and ancient form of money we decided to certify non certifying things such as honesty, empathy or self-Respect. The result is certificates that took more than a week of work each, melting our own and distinguished personal style.

Here is the first three certificates of the serie.


Empathy-Cover-1200 SELFRESPECT-cover-1200

Come and have a chat with us the 5 of November at the Tiny Cafe, 11 rue Daval, 75011, Paris for the opening night. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to come and have a look to the works all over the month as it end up the 30th.

See you there then.

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