How do we work together

How do we work together

Good question once again ! And not the easiest one… It’s all about equality of the genders, the social and economical environment, and also to the tide movement… Naaaa

It could seems strange but dividing work between us is pretty simple :


Before anything : the philosophy

At first we together agreed that Swindler and Swindler didn’t want to make simple good looking illustrations. We are searching for deeper things, with a hidden message between those Rotring lines. Sarcastic humor is what we do through our projects, in our certificates for example.

Technically speaking : the commencement

All begin with a cup of strong coffee and hours of talks…and laugh ! First the technical part: for who, the size, the willing, the delay… Then the funniest one, and here begin the real creation. Saying furious things, no sens ideas, insane jokes, impossible concepts. We do not need whisky on our coffee to get high creatively speaking. Then it’s time to make something realizable.

3.2.1 : all taking pen and start

Every idea isn’t one until we take a pen and start drawing something. Forgetting every strains, it is the shameless step of the process. If you could see that. Tens and tens of sketches, researches, pictures of inspiring architecture, art, and the most important, flowers and plants everywhere

Finding our own spaces on the sheets is not a challenge for us. A balanced composition is all about finding the proper mix between rigor and smoothness. Luckily the complementarity appearing in our work is quite the same in our lives. If ones got doubts or questions about its part, the other is here to support and drive. I’m sure that this confidence between us play a huge role in our project complexity.


The calendar of fruits and vegetables we're currently working on !

The calendar of fruits and vegetables we’re currently working on 🙂

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