EMPATHY : noun

1. the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings.
2. the attribution to an object, such as a work of art, of one’s own emotional or intellectual feelings about it.

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Empathy is part of the Swindler & Co project.

  • About this project:

    This project come from a mutual fascination for the 19th century bills and certificates. Those kind of diploma are nowadays antiquated and no longer valuable, just like subjects we picked up. Selling Empathy, Honesty or Self-Respect is by definition impossible. Those intangible concepts are part of the human being state. But who had never dreamed of buying some Self-Confidence or care for someone loved. It is now possible with Swindler & Swindler ! We offer you the possibility to improve yourself or proffer it to somebody else. Our illustrated certificates are high quality products and all certified by our company.