SWINDLER CITY exhibition

Two weeks ago we went to Paris to settle our second exhibition at Le Tank in Bastille.
As Rémy has already done a typographic event for their coworking space creation, we organized another event for their one year birthday : An illustration on their ground floor huge window and our first solo exhibition.
Here is a 360° time-lapse of us, working on it. You’d better watch it on a smartphone or a tablet for a better experience 😉

What an adventure !

IMG_1197 IMG_1199
We spent three wonderful working days being coddled by Le Tank team, helping us with the hanging up, refilling our cup of coffee…
This event was also the occasion to introduce our new project Swindler city. It is a series of building front divided in several categories: the craftsman area, the catering area, to be continued…

Each original building is made on an A4 sheet and each series are made of Three buildings gathered and printed on an A3 sheet of paper. At this beginning stage of the project we already have two areas, we are working on an other pairs of them.
CateringArea CraftsmanArea Buildings-large

available on our shop

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