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Visit of Letterpress de Paris

On the 11th of December we met Letterpress de Paris, one of the last press printer in the country. As we pass though the door, the smell of ink and paper sink into our nose as the sound of machinery into our ears. They are now only three, running the workshop.

Jean Frederic who received us

The brand is produced by an old printers family. Jean Frederic who received us is more working on the commercial part, approaching customers, getting in touch with illustrators, promoting products. Pascal is one of the last printers who learnt 30 years ago how to run these machineries. He know their press like the back of their hands.
It feels like time stopped running here. Everything is hand made in a traditional way. From choosing and mixing ink to adjusting paper to these old and unchanged heidelberg press. Instead of modern equipment they bring this additional soul to prints. hollows in the sheet, print imperfections are part of the process. Even more, they are seek and appreciate.

heidelberg press

The only technological touch brought to this ancient process are the stamps. Traditionally made of lead , they are nowadays made of polymer.
Like every handcraft work, this way of printing is nowadays compromise. That’s why Letterpress de Paris tried different things to renew their work. Several sort of papers, new approach of color, of machine capacity…

But most of all they decided to expose their savoir faire to creatives: illustrators, street artists, graphic designers… From this collaboration result cards on free subject like Christmas cards, congratulation cards, love cards…. This project is a perfect example of cooperation between tradition and creativity.
Letterpress de Paris gave us the opportunity to produce our first new year card. We can’t wait to see the result of our collaboration. Collaboration that will last, for sure.

Until that time, take a look at their wonderful video made by Adeline Moreau.

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