We are two French illustrators
focused on typography and ornamentation.

Swindler & Swindler have been created in 2015 by two french illustrators based in Grenoble, France.
On one side is rigor, precision and control brought by Mr and his type work.
On the other side is movement, smoothness and poetry brought by Mrs and her ornamental work.
Separate and complementary these two graphic worlds meet at last and produce these thorough compositions.

MrS Swindler

Miss Swindler is a young French illustrator focused on her own organically magical universe. Freshly graduated with a high degree in product design, she easily flows from two dimensions to three dimensions, from paper to skin and so on… Interested in everything, she finds her inspiration everywhere out there, in everything beautiful men and nature are capable of.
What I am really impressed by is how uninhibited she is about her creative process. I particularly love how she find and put magic in every little tiny thing she does.

Mr Swindler

DSC_0073 copie

Mr Swindler

Mister Swindler is a french illustrator specialized in hand lettering. Coming from Applied Art world, he gradually turned himself to this more artistical exercise. His lettering work is global as you can find it in brand visual identities as in illustration book chapter. His inspiration is wide as well. Going from medieval books to contemporary artists, from ancient adds types to contemporary illustrators. What I really appreciate in Mr Swindler mark is the patience required for it. How much time and energy he can spend on a line to be perfect, a curve to be flawless.

Mrs Swindler

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