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Communication with drawings of veggetables and dishes.


The illustrated representation of the plant world.

Illustration of a glass headed pin from East Cloth London.

Illustrated frames

Geometrical or botanical, the endless decorative possibilities of frames

Illustration of a Pangolin.

Animal illustration

Butterflies and bugs drawings, sea life line work, all the complexity and the beauty of our world.

Dower House mansion illustrated in black and white

Architecture illustration

A sensitive way to communicate about buildings.

Packaging illustration

Creativity and freedom to stand out.

Botanical drawing for a wall paper

Pattern illustrations

wallpapers, textile design, tapestry the application is endless.

linocarved fruits and flowers for LeBreuvage

Linocut carving and printing

Bringing some craftmanship to my practice of illustration.

Illustrated frame for Toshiko Mayeda portrait for Chemistry World Magazine

Ornemental composition

Botanical or geometrical,they are tiny worlds.

Illustration made by Swindler & Swindler for En avant toutes.

Gold & Colors

A touch of magic and emotion.

Etching style

A complex and fully details style

Clean line work

A line to capture the essence of a subject

Arabesque illustration

Intricate and eye-catching illustrative elements.