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Gold & Colors

A touch of magic and emotion.

Love letterpress card for LaNuit Jewelery. Gold foil, red and black ink round corners

Sketch of the fairy tales of christmas box cover

Colored illustration of the white male dominance.

LA2L card. ornamental gold frame on forest green paper

Green colored flower bouquet illustration.

Harrods building with Harrods's green color.

Mount Nelson hotel digitally colored in pink.

Opening shop card illustration for Ralph Lauren in Capri

Packshot of la thé box Christmas Dreams edition with a cup of tea.

Picture of la thé box Jules Verne edition.

Postcard for Leïla Buecher. Gold foil on imperial blue paper

Illustrated frame with Martin Gouterman portrait.

Closeup of the letterpressed card l'anniversaire. Gold foil, blue, red and brown ink.

Le souhait letterpressed card closeup. gold, purple and orange

Sainsbury's salade dressing label. Pomegranate.

Pomegranate illustration and coloration for Sainsbury's salade dressing label.

Cosmetic Christmas calendar. Red pink and gold foil.

multi colored rooster for the brewer Saveurs-Mélées

multi colored cow for the brewer Saveurs-Mélées

multi colored eagle for the brewer Saveurs-Mélées

multi colored parrots for the brewer Saveurs-Mélées

Most of my work is in black and white but I occasionally allow myself the use of color and even some gold.

Color, an added dimension.

Color can be used to create depth, movement and contrast in a line work illustration. It can also be used to illustrate an emotion, create a mood and draw attention to certain elements of the illustration. When used with a line drawing, color can create a dynamic and captivating work of art.

Adding color to a black line drawing can be a complex task. It requires attention to detail to ensure that the colors blend seamlessly, not overpowering the black lines. It also requires finesse to ensure that the colors are balanced and that the lines remain consistent. In addition, the illustrator must consider the mood and tone of the main illustration, as the colors chosen can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the work.

Gold foil, the sparkle of all colors.

I recently added gold to my color palette and I love the effect it has on my illustrations. The gold brings brightness and magic to my work, it's like stepping into a dream. The gold adds a touch of glitter to the illustration, making it all look brighter and more radiant. To get a gold leaf gilding it is necessary to vectorize the files for the printers. This is a little different from traditional illustration and should be considered at the beginning of the project. The preparation of the files requires a minimum line thickness. If there is a line crossing, it is also necessary that they are on different layers to have a clean vectorization. That's it, that was the technical point ^^