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Helpful things

Here is a page full of people, books, places that inspire me, or make me hungry


Digleeher poetry collection "je serais le feu" is marvelous
Maïté FranchiHer digital work is super fresh and she is a marvelous and heartwarming person
Jessica Hischefor being such an source of answer about being a creative.
Steven Noblebecause he is such a master in his domain.
Alex May HughesShe dust off Signpainting art. Colors, shell, gold, what a luminous palette
Penelope BagieuHilarious, engaged and tallented illustrator.
Giorgio Gaetanione on the only left handed calligrapher I know


Leila BuecherWhat to say. Leila is a luminous person and a fierce worker. I adore her and her creations
Ariana FoxAriana creats the most poetical brass earrings ever
Tessa metcalfHer pigeon based Jewellery is everything.


Éditions Bibliomanean there splendid old book collection.
theDielineis a endless graphic packaging inspiration.


Jamilla jamil "I weight" podcastfor learning and eradicate shaming and patriarchy.
Les baladeurs podcast for fellow French peopleAdventure and misadventure stories to travel while staying at your desk.
Manon BrillManon is a docteur in history and has a fantastic sens of humor, for french people, sorry english friends


Floret farmFor endless flower inspiration.


Maud DardeauInking skills at 10000%.
Charline BatailleCharline is a multidisciplinary queer artist and her style is absolutely out of control. I love it
Nikki Andrews Farinoher symetrical tattoo ornaments are everything


Margot Lecarpentier - combatthe cocktail godess ! plus we have the same name
Yotam ottolenghyfor his endless inspirational food book
Félicie Tokzéfor being a wonderful cook, dyeing artist and friend

Lino Cut

Ansari Zoéher Lino work is sharp and medieval. And definitively magical
Karin RytterOh what a master she is in thin, delicate and intricate lino work. Her scandinavian univers is enchanting
Emily Robertsontiny and marvelous animal lino cut


Emillie Ferrisfor magical and delicate work, it is here !
Patricia Larocqueif you like french knot and angry mask Patricia Larocque is your Godesse

old, marvelous, full of treasurs books

book of ornamentFurniturs, keys, candellabrums or calausters, thi book of ornaments is full of patterns
bronze monumentsinterested in bronze ? there you are
Virginie Lorilloutallented lettering french femal lyonnaise artist