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the one you keep for the rest of your life

These tattoos are the one I drew, or wear, or both.

Here is how it all started. I studied industrial design for 5 years and the more I studied it and the more I realized that I spent my entire time on sketches and drawing reseaches than on the final object. When the time of the memoire arrived on my final bachelor year, I had to choose a subject... What should I write about...blank page. At that time ( 2013 oh boy ! ) I was in Toulouse and I discovered La cour des miracles, a tattoo salon where I discovered tallented and nice guys. So I though, why not writting about a subject that facinated me ! tattoo.

I've never made this passion my job mostly because I have trouble with people's pain which is a big part of this job. But who knows what the future is made of.

I won't rewrite my 71 pages memoire but what really talk to me in this art is how tattoos tell the story of the person who wears them. How is it not only a simple decoration but more likely a way of appropriation of your own body, a way of differenciation too. Tattoos mean accepting the time passing by, accepting seeing the person you were x years ago. It is like a diary of your evolution.