Swindler & Swindler's world
Margot Reverdy's portrait made by Aurélie Lamour.

Hey, I'm Margot :)

For 6 years now I had the pleasure to draw thousands and thousands of lines for amazing clients. From national campaigns to bespoke cards for tiny brands, my work lead me to various and divers universes. Being able to adapt my work and learn is something I truly adore!

I’m mainly a self-taught person, I haven’t gone to a fancy school, I’ve never worked on a company, I just love to discover new things by my own and make experiments. Engraving, embroidery, tattoo, pretty everything I can draw with and on anything.

Swindler & Swindler invisible label.
Margot Reverdy's portrait behing a glass window.

When I’m not at my desk drawing, Lino engraving or printing, You can find me in my garden growing flowers or reading outside in the sun. Living in south France is such a bliss for that.

A process picture of a linocut drawing.


HBO - Sainsbury’s - Belmont - Metro - Oscar Mayer - American Express - Jim Beam - Havas - Havas Event - BETC - CloudyCo - LWA studio - Studio MB - Braineet - House of communication - SoWine - En Avant Toute - Hube Magazine - Texas Magazine - San Diego Magazine - L’express - Royal society of chemistry - Rapaport Magazine - Ralph Lauren