• East cloth London

    Fantastic collaboration with East Cloth London who is launching her pins, needles, fabric scissors brand. These arabesques will be printed in gold foil on a green thick and luxurious paper.

    Published on January 2022

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I’m Margot Reverdy,the illustrator behind Swindler & Swindler studio, my pronouns are she/her. If you are in search of complex, fully detailed lined illustrations, please join me on this fabulous adventure. You will find here a various range of work from botanical, architectural to ornemental illustrations. I hope you will enjoy this creative journey. Speak soon,

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  • Spring of life

    wall paper realized for the Spanish Gallery in Auckland, UK

    Published on October 2021

  • ravensworth

    label illustrated for Cloudy co agency for Ravensworth.

    Published on June 2018

  • merci

    "Merci" 2018 Greeting Cards for Braineet printed by Spind

    Published on November 2021

  • Aracari Banana

    A personal etude of furs, scales, and other fantastic textures animals ofers to our eyes.

    Published on June 2020