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Le souhait letterpressed card closeup. gold, purple and orange

Letterpressed works

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Letterpress cards

I met Jean-Fréderic Pouvatchi from Letterpress de Paris in 2016 for the collaboration on Joie Bonheur & Volupté card. She is like a flower bouquet you offer with a lot of intentions in it. technically she is a blind embossed and one-color card. subtility and elegance would be her two adjectives. We realized three other complex and sparkling beauties since.

Joie Bonheur & Volupté letterpressed card on a blue background
Zoom on l'anniversaire letterpressed card. Blue gold and red.
illustrations present on the Letterpressed cards
illustrations present on the Letterpressed cards
illustrations present on the Letterpressed cards
illustrations present on the Letterpressed cards
illustrations present on the Letterpressed cards
Photo of the three letterpressed cards on a marble table

All three required different techniques: Blind embossing, gold foil, and inks. these cards are printed on old and mighty Heidelberg press. It is truly spectacular to see these machines in action, the ballet of their movements is extremely precise and yet smooth.

Here is a zoom on the card l'anniversaire, an hypothetical tarot card filled with love and magic.

you can truly appreciate the precision of how these machines work. the gold is a marvel.

Le Souhait letterpressed card on a grey background

La nuit Jewellery

A jewel of print with more than seven makereadies, two inks, and one gold foil. All that on a 500gr off-white paper with round cut corners. Oh, she is a true beauty and I couldn't be happier. My client Sabrina will use it to send a note, on the other side, along with her marvelous jewelry.

photo of the Letterpress card LaNuit jewelery.

Client : LaNuit Jewelery

Hot stamped Gold foil

On another hand, I started working with Spind. "Merci" was our first collaboration. We met again two years later when we worked on Leila's correspondence. Oh, they have something particularly when it comes to gold foil. It is simply spectacular! I realized my 2022 greeting card with the same recipe and the result is breathless.

Copper foil on black paper for the card Merci.

Client : Braineet for their greeting card "Merci"

LA2L amulette card. Hot stamped gold foil on a forest green paper

client: LA2L for their amulet rules card

Gold foil on navy blue paper for Leila Buecher greeting card.

Client : Leila Buecher for her correspondance

Swindler & Swindler 2021 greeting card. Hot stamped gold foil on black 350 gr paper

Swindler & Swindler 2021 greeting card