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I adored working for the Royal Society of Chemistry for Chemistry World Magazine. My work was to illustrate the monthly articles

Significant Figures which is telling the story of a chemist who made major discoveries in her/his domain and who has been forgotten, or stollen, usually women.

I imagined frames hiding chemical formulas, molecules, I also tried to remain coherent with the era of the person. Quite a challenge !

As you may guess chemistry is not my everyday cup of tea. But working with Chemistry world, reading the articles every month, learning what these incredibles women (and men) dicovered, how they fought to earn their places in this world has become a joy and a cause. I wanted to celebrate these fighter of the shadow at my small level.

This project started in 2019 and is till going on now as the articles found a great success. Chemistry World team and I have now built a strong relationship and I think they are my dearest client.

Please enjoy more than a year of work and incredible stories !