Oscar Mayer

  • national campaign
  • typography
  • veggies

This Oscar Mayer USA national campaign was driven by Mac Garry Bowen agency and was launched in 2017. At this time we were still working together with Rémy. MGB team was the sweetest and always enthousiast about the different propositions we made for them. They asked us a lot of veggies and typographies. How perfect is that for us !

This campaign was about the launch of their new brand Natural. A less transformed products with more taste. The effect wanted was to have those printed papers you can find when you get a sandwich on the go. somthing yummy, krafty and simple.

The typographies had to be readable yet friendly and classy. It had to be not too perfect for the krafty effect. We opted for bold, slender capital style with a twist on some letters, like the N or the Y.

The campain is still out there, watch out !