Sainsbury "taste the difference" range

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This project is now quite an old one but I like the fact that you can still find my illustrations on Sainsbury !

I was asked to draw the elements of salade dressings for the "taste the difference" range. There were six labels :

•Pomagranate & Ras el Hanout

• Pesto Salad

• Miso & Citrus

• French Vinaigrette

• Balsamic Vinegar

• Raspberry vinaigrette

Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s group commercial director, said: “The relaunched Taste the Difference range is our biggest ever investment in own brand and represents a great opportunity for us. All of our products are either tested on customers or selected by experts and we have acted upon their suggestions to ensure each offers the very best in both quality and flavour.

The brief was to draw the three main ingredients of the different recepies.

Colors were settled in advence and the composition had to find it's place between the centered violet frame with the title and the nutricional score bottom right.

The result is super satifaying to me. You got pop colored, illustrated salad dressing for your home. What ask for more ?Plus they taste good !