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Deep ocean with white illustrations of sea monsters

BBC StoryWorks Blancpain

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BBC StoryWOrks X Blancpain

black and white illustration of the Fifty Fathoms Blancpain watch

I was contacted by the BBC Storyworks team to illustrate an immersive timeline for the Swiss watchmaker Blancpain. It would have to show the most important steps in ocean exploration and scuba diving from its early days to today. The idea was to scroll on the page and dive further and further into the ocean. Magical!

In terms of illustrations, these would need to represent the facts listed in a concise way but also the high-end luxury watchmaker client, Blancpain. So not too much shadings, some clean lines, with a light touch of poetry.

The Deep Ocean theme with its magic and mystery was such a joy to illustrate! They literally are the last unknown universe on our planet. Fauna, flora, there is so much to explore in the illustrations, to dive into the lines.

Illustration of the first diving suite imagined by Leonard de Vinci

On a more personal side, my dream job when I was little was to be an underwater archaeologist. I had the chance to spend a full week with the first French underwater archaeologist Mr. Bonnamour for an internship and it was fabulous. I knew I could bring this magic to the project! 

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Thanks to the BBC StoryWorks team!

illustration of a lost city in the deep ocean
sea monster in a black and white style illustration
shark drawing in black on a white background
whale shark illustration
illustration of the first under water camera
Jelly fish line drawing
drawing of a sea monster in black and white
sea weeds illustration with black lines
sea wave drawing