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Photo of the Alma Comporta project

Alma da Comporta

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Alma da Comporta illustrations

illustration of the Alma Comporta project

Alma da Comporta is a housing project in Portugal that is set apart by its luminous architecture, integration with the natural environment, respect for local traditions, and use of raw materials. The illustrations drawn for the website needed to bring a sense of authenticity and savoir-faire. They had to be clear, readable, and natural. They represent the houses that have been built and what they will look like, as well as a map of their locations and some information about the local gems to discover. I loved the challenge to capture the raw, natural, and luminous atmosphere of the project in an illustrative and minimal way!

drawing of an oliver branch
House drawing for the Alma Comporta project
an other angle illustrated of the Alma Comporta project
pine illustration in black and white
illustrated plans of a house of Alma da Comporta project
Black and white illustration of oliver leaves
Cabin illustration in black and white
Terrace illustrated for Alma da Comporta housing project
architectural illutration with a pine tree

"these “casas da Comporta” recall the simplicity and elegance that are the spirit of this region."