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Illustrated covers for Wordsworth edition

Illustrated covers for Wordsworth edition

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typography & foliage for marvelous books

I am so pleased to present you the six classic stories we dressed up in gold, copper and silver foils for your greatest pleasure ! Please enjoy these little jewels we illustrated for Wordsworth edition.

illustrated books for wordsworth edition
Anne of Green Gables and The Great Gatsby illustrated books for wordsworth edition

For this project Rémy came back to the studio to work on the typography part, and I must say the result is beyond expectation. Typography and botany, we reunited with our very own identity! What a joy!

element from Jane Eyre illustrated composition
Little women illustration and Typography cover

We thought a lot about how to create a series effect without losing every book’s spirit. For that we chose to create one single bold and elegant typography that would suit every story. This one would have variations in it to recreate unity on every book cover. Same same but different in a way.


On the illustration aspect, we tried to evoke the spirit of the book before opening it. For example, on Pride & Prejudice you can find the typical English countryside Fern & wildflowers where the book is set, plus the peacock feather symbol of pride. All of these merging and dancing in an elegant vals of arabesques.

Pride and Prejudice illustration and Typography cover
Inside pattern for the Great Gatsby book

For the books to be perfectly completed, we knew we had to work on the first & last pages as well as the spine. So we imagined a bespoke pattern related to each story and some flying element to set on the spine. So when your book is on the shelf you can still have a glimpse of the marvels it contains.

Wuthering Heights illustrated book spine
Copper foil on pink fabric Little Women book