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Wallpaper "le jardin merveilleux" fresco on a bedroom wall

Wallpapers for Maison Bonami

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FLORAL COMPOSITION for le jardin merveilleux

Here is a newly checked project on my list of dream projects. The wallpaper! And the box is double checked when it is printed in France (above Lyon) on a non PVC paper and with biodegradable ink. This carte blanche I owe it to Maison Bonami, Bianca and Morgane who combine this second job for the passion of drawings on walls. Thanks to them for bringing colors and life to our living spaces.

"le jardin merveilleux" fresco in an intense and deep green with hint of pink and peach flowers

For my first wallpaper I wanted something grandiose, spectacular, fantastic, amazing. Above all I wanted this wallpaper to be a headboard! I wanted this sumptuous flower bouquet to be like a crown above your dreams. I wanted it to be the door through which you go to the dream land. An image that accompanies you in your evening fairytales.

"le jardin merveilleux" fresco in an intense and light green set on a bedroom wall
"le jardin merveilleux" fresco in an ethemeral white and grey version.
close look to "le jardin merveilleux" fresco

So it is with a great pleasure that I present you Le Jardin Merveilleux. A farandole of curves and foliage where your eyes can slide endlessly in the search of the unexplored details. Let yourself be gided along those flowers, swirl among the arabesques and fall back into your bed sheets. Isn’t it wonderful.

"le jardin merveilleux" by night on a livingroom

l'envolée lyrique pattern

Comes now L'envolée Lyrique, my first wallpaper so to speak. Le Jardin Merveilleux being a fresco. L'envolée Lyrique is flowers to infinity, again and again curves and counter curves of foliage, like an eternal looping of greenery. As for Le Jardin Merveilleux you can find this pattern declined in several colors to stick to your personality and to your walls ^^

Envolée lyrique pattern
l'envolée lyrique set into a bathroom in a soft shade of almond green
l'envolée lyrique set into an office

If you hesitate, if you are not sure, that it may be too much (it is never too much) I have a tip for you. Line the interior of your drawers, dressings & furnitures. Woaw effect at every opening guaranteed!

l'envolée lyrique wall paper in a soft shade of pink
l'envolée lyrique wall paper in a joyful shade of pink
l'envolée lyrique wall paper in a deep shade of green
l'envolée lyrique wall paper in an intense shade of green chartreuse