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The illustrated representation of the plant world.

Illustration of a carnation in an XVI century engraving style

Joie Bonheur & Volupté card.

a black and white photo of a tree branch

Close look to the lino block le bouquet

Bamboo illustration for Masterclass

Botanical illustration line work black and white

Fern illustrated

Merci letterpressed card.

a black and white photo of a clock tower

Illustration of a lily in an XVI century engraving style

Basilic for Sainsbury's salad dressing

a drawing of a flower on a white background

a series of four pictures of different fruits and vegetables

a black and white drawing of a flower

a black and white photo of a clock tower

The illustrated representation of the plant world is a practice that dates back to antiquity and is still very present today. It consists of creating images that represent the fauna and flora in their entirety. Over the centuries, artists and scientists have worked to create very precise and detailed illustrations of plants and animals.

Botanical illustration has scientific objectives.

At first, the illustrated representation of the plant world was mainly used to record and share observations and knowledge about nature. The first illustrations of plants and animals were created by naturalists, botanists, and scientists and were useful tools for studying biodiversity. In science and teaching, illustrations of the plant world are often used to explain the structure and characteristics of different species of plants. This practice is still current and there are even botanical illustrator societies with strict codes for membership.

Botanical illustration as a representation of the beauty of the world

The plant world is an endless source of inspiration, and botanical illustration highlights the beauty and variety of nature. More and more people are attracted to this form of expression and learn more about the fauna and flora through illustrations. These illustrations can also be used to promote the protection of the environment and threatened species. A subject more than current today!

Here is a small selection of my work in this field. I am not a botanical illustrator who strives to describe a plant or flower as faithfully as possible. What I like is the abundance, the free interpretation that can be made of plants, leaves, petals...