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Etching style

A complex and fully details style

Pictures of two floral framed illustrations.

Ornamental tree with ribbons

Love letterpress card for LaNuit Jewelery. Gold foil, red and black ink round corners

Botanical illustration line work black and white

East London Cloth Logo. Botanical arabesques in an engraving style.

Picture of the Ravensworth wine label

Illustration of a rose in an XVI century engraving style

Illustration of a lily in an XVI century engraving style

Illustration of a carnation in an XVI century engraving style

Pattern illustration for the Spanish Gallery project

Vegetables illustrations for Oscar Mayer campain.

Hand made salade illustration

Frame of Eunice Foote for Chemistry World Magazine

Illustrated frame with Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier portrait.

Illustrated frame with Margarita Salas portrait for Chemistry World Magazine

Illustrated frame for Toshiko Mayeda portrait for Chemistry World Magazine

Several illustrations representing trades between Scotland, United States and Jamaica.

Composed illustration for the Australian wine label Ravensworth

Engraving style, a detailed work.

Each time I find myself in front of an engraving, I can't help but follow with my eyes all those lines that, put end to end, reveal volume, hollows, shadows and lights. I am fascinated by their number and their meticulousness and I never tire of looking for the smallest hidden details. I believe that this is what convinced me to choose this illustrative style. In my humble scale and my interpretation of course. If you also like old engravings, feel free to look at my instagram story, I often repost accounts where it is the focus.

Engraving style, a long process.

Making so many strokes involves a long and sometimes painful process. It is not uncommon for me to end a day of drawing with my hand tense, filled with the electricity of having drawn so much, but the result is (almost^^) always worth it. The result is complex and fascinating illustrations where you like to lose your eyes and the notion of time.