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Communication with drawings of veggetables and dishes.

Arugula illustration for Oscar Mayer Add campaign.

Vegetables illustrations for Oscar Mayer campain.

Oscar Mayer Natural campain.

Oscar Mayer illustrated Natural campain.

Hand made salade illustration

Balsamic dressing from the brand 'Taste the Difference' illustrated by Swindler & Swindler.

French vinaigrette from the brand 'Taste the Difference' illustrated by Swindler & Swindler.

Basilic for Sainsbury's salad dressing

Sainsbury's salade dressing label. Pomegranate.

Pomegranate illustration and coloration for Sainsbury's salade dressing label.

Whole range of 'Taste the Difference' Salade dressing illustrated by swindler & swindler.

Shrimps illustrations for San diego Magazine.

Cloves, rotring pen on paper

Banana slice, rotring pen on paper

Lichi fruit, rotring pen on paper

Hand drawn artichoke with a rotring pen on paper

Corn illustration for a personnal calendar.

Ginkgo Biloba branch hand drawn.

Hand dranw garlic. Rotring pen on paper

Fig. Hand drawn. Rotring on paper

Foodies as I like to call them are quite a big part of my job. From vegetables to dishes, food illustrations bring a unique visual element to any project.

Foodies or a visual experience.

Food line illustration is a type of visual art that uses the process of drawing and coloring to create an image of food. It could represent a single dish, like a plate of spaghetti, or a whole meal, such as a Thanksgiving feast. The illustrations often feature a variety of food items that are arranged in a specific way, providing viewers with an interesting and appetizing visual experience. Food illustrations can be used to create cookbooks, posters, and other forms of printed material. They are also popular in advertising and web design, as they can be used to show off a company’s selection of products or to promote a restaurant. Food illustrations are a great way to capture the essence of the food industry, and they can help to make a meal look even more delicious.

Here is a selection of illustrations realized for magazines, porkpie makers, and restaurants... They are used as separate elements, as a logo, or as collages, if they are all together, it is as you want them to be!