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Ornemental composition

Botanical or geometrical,they are tiny worlds.

Ornamental tree with ribbons

Love letterpress card for LaNuit Jewelery. Gold foil, red and black ink round corners

LA2L card. ornamental gold frame on forest green paper

Picture of the Ravensworth wine label

Hand drawn stamps. Botanical center surrounded by a round frame.

Floral dougnut composition

Geometrical and ornamental composition for the pin box of East London Cloth

Picture of la thébox l'orient express on the real train l'orient express

Packshot of la thé box Christmas Dreams edition.

Packshot of la thé box Jules Verne edition with tea-pot and some books.

Postcard for Leïla Buecher. Gold foil on imperial blue paper

Illustrated frame with Martin Gouterman portrait.

Illustrated frame for Toshiko Mayeda portrait for Chemistry World Magazine

Ornemented heart illustration with arabesques and flowers

wallpaper l'envolée lyrique on a desk wall. vinted colored flowers on a dark green background

Wallpaper fresco le jardin merveilleux on a various pink colors on a green background.

Wallpaper fresco le jardin merveilleux on a cream yellow background.

Wallpaper fresco le jardin merveilleux on a dark blue background.

Wallpaper fresco le jardin merveilleux on a dark blue and green background.

Illustrated covers for Wordsworth edition

Final aspect of the cover Anne of Green Gables with a soft gold foil on a warm green fabric cover.

Final aspect of the cover Jane Eyre with silver foil on an old english rose fabric cover.

Final aspect of the cover Little Women with a copper foil on a soft pink fabric cover.

Final aspect of the cover Pride and Prejudice with a turquoise foil on a soft blue fabric cover.

Final aspect of Wuthering Heights illustration with a brown foil on a earthy green fabric cover

I love drawing ornamental composition because it has the ability to condense an entire universe within a drawing. It is marvelous when I can translate the world of a client in an illustration.

A magnified nature.

My love for symmetrical illustrations, especially those with botanic elements, is something I've cherished for many years. I'm particularly drawn to ornamental compositions that bring together nature and art in a harmonious way. It's a style of art that I find incredibly captivating and I never tire of admiring the intricate details and unique shapes of these works. To me, these ornamental compositions are a representation of beauty and creativity. It must be my love for May Morris work and the Art & Craft movement. The movement, the balance, the curves of these intricate illustrations fascinate me. The harmony of these symmetrical compositions are a magnification of nature and quite unnatural. In my point of view, it is helping us to cope with life by creating a controlled environment. Just like real gardens. These compositions of botanic can take us back to nature, immersing us in a world of beauty and wonder. From lush fields of vibrant wildflowers to tranquil forests of towering trees, symmetrical illustrations of botanic scenes can inspire feelings of love and appreciation for all of nature's beauty.

Geometrical composition

Frames, geometrical compositions, all these are quite the same thing after all. They are a recurrent subject in my practice. I love the structure they bring. It is almost like they are reassuring me, allowing me to create within them. Plus, they very well go with botanical elements ! One is good, two or three is even better. The more the better to be honest. Well, you know me by now, I'm quite a maximalist ^^