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Animal illustration

Butterflies and bugs drawings, sea life line work, all the complexity and the beauty of our world.

Picture of an exhibition room starring a wallpaper illustrated by Swindler & Swindler

Picture of the Ravensworth wine label

Illustration of an Aracari bird

a drawing of a raccoon sitting on a branch

Fern illustrated

Illustration of a Pangolin.

a black and white drawing of a small animal

Sea monster for the BBC timeline of Blancpain

Drawing of a sea monster in black and white

Jelly fish line drawing

Shark drawing for the BBC

whale shark illustration

a bunch of different butterflies on a white background

a drawing of two birds on a branch

Animal illustration to connect with the livings.

Animal illustrations are a vibrant and captivating medium of art. From realistic to whimsical, detailed to abstract, animal illustrations are a unique way to express a connection with animals or to tell a story. Whether for a children’s book, a scientific publication, or even a tattoo design, animal illustrations can capture the personality and spirit of their subject. The illustrator’s skill and style can bring an image to life, allowing viewers to connect with the animal in a new and exciting way. Whether realistic or abstract, animal illustrations are a creative and expressive way to bring animals to life.

Animal illustration to tell a story.

Animal illustration has also been used for centuries to create meaningful messages and tell stories. From tattoos to storytelling communication, animal illustration can be used to express emotion and create beautiful pieces of art. By focusing on the details and textures, illustrators are able to create realistic and captivating pieces of art that capture the personality of the animals.

Animal illustrations are timeless.

Animal illustrations can be used to make a statement, to capture the beauty and grace of an animal. It is an art form that can be enjoyed by both the artist and the viewer. The art of creating detailed animal illustrations is a skill that can be enjoyed for years to come.