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Architecture illustration

A sensitive way to communicate about buildings.

Victoriant hallway with a door, in a blue line style illustration.

Illustration of le Printemps building in Paris. Brown line on white

Café illustration with typographies on the wall. Maroon lines on white background.

Illustration of Elan's mythic café. Four sofas around a table are surrounded by hearts on the wall.

Brown line illustration of a highly ornamented spiral strairs.

Illustration of the highly decorated Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund. Clean lines in profusions making a complex illustration.

Illustration for Ralph Lauren for a store opening in Berlin. Blue and gold clean lines

Channel 4 building illustration to celebrate their 40th birthday. black line plus a bit of color.

Dower House mansion illustrated in black and white

Ye Old Pork Pie building illustration in black and white

illustration of the dôme of the Gallery Lafayette in Paris

Mount Nelson hotel digitally colored in pink.

Opening shop card illustration for Ralph Lauren in Capri

Skibo Castle ground floor map and facade of the castle.

To convey an emotion.

Whether historical or contemporary, architectural illustration plays a key role in architecture. It allows architects, brands, and agencies to communicate their vision and bring a little sensitivity to their designs. Illustrations can be used to help explain complex ideas that cannot be conveyed in words alone. Illustrations can help create atmosphere and emotion in a building, giving it a unique identity and personality.

Historical practice that has been put aside but is coming back.

The advent of 3D technology has threatened the practice of architectural illustration. 3D software offers architects and designers a more convenient and faster way to create professional-quality images of their designs. 3D renderings are more accurate, and easier to create than architectural illustrations. But 3D cannot completely replace the historical practice of architectural illustration. Images produced by 3D software are often too cold and can lack personal touch and emotion. So let's use drawings, and let the magic and beauty of architecture shine through.

Here is a small selection. Some drawings were personal research, some were commissioned. Wherever it is to communicate about the history of your business or for renting a mansion, an illustration is always a great idea!