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la nuit love card

Love letterpress card for LaNuit Jewelery. Gold foil, red and black ink round corners

Published on November 2022

Oh, this love card! what a story! I discovered Sabrina's jewelry work a year ago and totally fell in love. These are memento mori inspired rings to wear as amulets. The dream. So I contacted her, telling her that I love to exchange my work and if she was interested, we could imagine something together. An illustration for a ring. She hesitated at first then why not she said! And there we go for almost a year of sketching, modifying, and refining our propositions on our side. And finally, here she is, the love card, magically letterpressed by Letterpess de Paris. A real jewel of print work with seven makeready, two inks, and a gold foil. We both love it !